Rear Brake Pad Replacement

Oh Boy, I think I was too late in replacing this set. I will sure a new rear disc as I am sure that this is out of spec.

Mounting a GoPro

I’m thinking of mounting my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver edition on the previous Code3 stalk.

Is there a better solution or mount that I can use?

Saddle Bag Repair

The hinges on both bags are worse for the wear and needs to be replaced.


Bikes @ The Widget Factory


Too High

So I’m either too short or the Gertrude is just too tall. We need to figure something out if our relationship is going to work.



The engine starts but only with starting fluid even though I know that gas is reaching the carbs.

I really don’t want to get into carb rebuilding so I’ll be looking at someone to do this for me.

Electrical Weekend

Fuel Pump

The stock fuel pump is not, well, pumping fuel. Reasonable condition after sitting since 1991.

I am going to replace the mechanical fuel pump with an electrical pump. It’s not so straight forward as connecting wires though. I am going to connect the fuel pump via a relay that will only allow it to work when the engine is running (as well as priming it for 3 seconds and also through a roll over relay, to make sure that the pump stops working if the car rolls over. Additionally it will be wired to an on and off switch on the dashboard on a racing panel.

Front End Goes On

Fuel Line All Done


Done For The Day

Tessie Vs QuickSilver 2:0

Tried to install windshield = cracked said windshield.

Tried to install electronic ignition = wrong one sent by vendor.

I’m going back to bed.


Battery and Starter

I installed a new starter and battery.

This evening for the first time in 15 years the engine rolled over. I need to ensure that I’m building proper oil pressure before I fire it up.

I’m seriously happy at this stage.