Electric Ignition Conversion

Worked On The Steering Rack

Attacking The Mounts

Rear Window Goes On

WIndscreen Arrived

I got a used one to go with the existing patina. So not all the glass is complete. Once the weatherstrip arrives then I will install it.

Placed Some More Orders

This Is The Interior I Envision


Black Friday 2014

I am having issues with how the oil filter will fit with the steering column in the way.

Continued To Work On Cooling System

More Bits Arrived Today

Today more stuff that I ordered arrived. I just need a few more things and I’ll attempt to start the engine.

Sorting Out Lubrication

Sorting Out Powertrain

  1. Change transmission oil.
  2. Change rear end oil.
  3. Sort out stick shift bushings.

Sorting Out Cooling

Sorting Out Hydraulics

Sorting Out Glasses

I scored this used windscreen (with frame) off of eBay. This is the only glass that’s missing. I still need to get the appropriate moulding.